Donor Roll

Donor Roll

Please join us in thanking these generous donors, who are helping to keep steam alive for future generations.

Campaign Leadership Sponsors

Special Part Sponsors

Bill Lamb – Right Cylinder Inspection Randy & Lee Parks – Bell Ringer Overhaul

Jerry Tobin – Dry Pipe

Jerry Tobin – Tender Water Tank

Alex B. Lewis – Driving Wheel Hub Liners


Superheater Sponsors

Each superheater sponsorship corresponds to a specific superheater element in the locomotive’s boiler, as numbered below.

1. Heimberger Family 2. Smythe Family
3. Jason Lamb 4. Bill & Martha Denzel
5. Bill & Martha Denzel 6. Bill & Martha Denzel
7. Al and Maria Sun in Appreciation of Dan Parks

Flue Sponsors

Each flue sponsorship corresponds to a specific boiler flue, as numbered below.

1. Alan W. Maples 2. Bill & Martha Denzel

Tube Sponsors

Each tube sponsorship corresponds to a specific boiler tube, as numbered below.

1. Brian Smith 2. Jeanne & James Atkins Family
3. Ava, Alina & Alan Chung 4. Gary & Jan Cochrane
5. Matthew Hartgen
6. Don Smith
7. Susie & John LePrince
8. Peter Della Flora
9. Lego Railroader

1472 Club Sponsors

Ralph Nenn Lee & Randy Parks, in Memory of Louise & Mickey Miller
Warren Ringer

Friends of the Locomotive

Della Flora Family in memory of Dan Della Flora Brandon D’Silva
Mel Miller Cheryl Evans
James Fritsche, Jr. Martin A. Schmidt in memory of Andy F. Schmidt
Rachel Snell Anonymous
Anonymous Anonymous

Tim Alcoser in memory of Marion McArthur

​Donations in each sponsorship level are listed in chronological order.