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Shop Switcher 9550 (originally numbered 997) was built by the Los Angeles Railway in 1904, utilizing parts from scrapped cars. 9550 was the smallest car to serve on the Los Angeles Railway. 9550 spent most of it’s career at the LARy South Park Shops at 54th St and Avalon Blvd in the South Park neighborhood of Los Angeles. The principal use of 9550 was to move inoperable cars on and off the shops transfer table. 9550 remained in service through ownership changes with Los Angeles Transit Lines (1945) and Los Angeles Metropolitan Transit Authority in 1958. LAMTA retired 9550 in 1959. Orange Empire Trolley Museum founding member Ray Ballash bought 9550 from LAMTA in 1960 for $500 and donated the car to the museum.

Today, 9550 is on display at the Southern California Railway Museum and in housed with the others cars of Los Angeles Railway “Yellow Car” collection.



Los Angeles Railway 9550 at South Park Shops. Jeffrey J. Moreau Collection.

Los Angeles Railway 9550 Media Gallery