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Museum Update – January 25, 2021

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January 25, 2021 Museum 2602 Santa Fe Combine (Baggage Coach) Update:

This last Saturday had myself and Robert Morris on site.  My goal was to remove the second window ( which was a new one ) and prepare it for paint.  It was just too cold in the barn for painting.  Robert and I removed the rest of the windows “4” and hardware and installed the new windows to check for fit and appearance,  All of the windows are in place now but each will have to be individually fit to its opening.  While removing window 3 it disintegrated.  The glass was fine but the frame was in bits and pieces.  Window 2 was little better.  Windows 1 and 6 had been removed in the past so Frank Lyman could use them as templates for the new unit he made.  Those windows are in place too.  All of the windows are secure enough for the car to be moved if necessary.  Window trim and panels are either in the barn or in the baggage compartment.  The large panels in the barn have been sanded and primed.  A couple of the window sills have come off as well.  They were not secured to the ledge.  That is a simple fix for later.  A couple of the trim frames have split and will need to be repaired too.

This car was in use as a generator car for Thomas.  It was sidelined at some point and the fuel tank has been moved aside.  Someone has been working on or around the generator but I don’t know the status of that work.  My intention was to clean up the passenger compartment for use by the public if this car is to be used in the future.  The window slats had fallen out of the car a couple of years ago and I had replaced two windows with blank panels.  So I wanted to get that repair done.  That is the why of what I am doing at this time.  Other repairs may be made as this is still a beautiful old car.


David Ley

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