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Merit Badge Program


Southern California Railway Museum is excited to announce the return of our Railroading Merit Badge Program!

Program includes introduction to railroad history, tour of collection, and a ride on one of our historic trolleys. Participants will complete the Merit Badge Railroading Workbook by clicking this link..

#1-6 should be completed prior to start of course, and #7b Railfanning 1 and 2 will be completed onsite with instructors. Photography is required, so please have a camera or a phone with photo capabilities.

Resources to aid in workbook completion: and

Upcoming Dates:
July 1st, 2023 – SOLD OUT
August 5th, 2023 – SOLD OUT
September 2nd, 2023 – SOLD OUT

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  • 9AM – Noon
  • Program Admission fee – $15