The Ventura County Railway No. 2 Story

​ Ventura County Railway no. 2

Ventura County Railway no. 2 is a classic American steam locomotive. Built in May of 1922, the locomotive spent its early working life hauling timber and lumber in Washington state. In 1943, the locomotive came to California, where it moved freight, supplies for World War II, and agricultural goods on the Ventura County Railway. The locomotive is now preserved and regularly operated at the Southern California Railway Museum, where it is maintained and operated by an all-volunteer crew. In all of Southern California, with a population of 24 million residents, Ventura County Railway no. 2 is the only full-size steam locomotive preserved and operated in an educational setting. The Southern California Railway Museum and its steam crew are proud to provide the public the opportunity to see, hear, and touch a real steam locomotive in operation.

We need your help! The time has come for Ventura County Railway no. 2 to undergo an expensive period of inspection, overhaul, and repairs. We have created the Second Century Overhaul fundraising campaign, which is presented on this website. We hope that you will make a contribution to help us keep steam alive for future generations.