Officers & Managers

President & Chief Executive Officer: Barry Busch
Vice President/COO/General Manager: Hank Winn
Chief Financial Officer: Michael Brown
Chief Information Officer: Allen Holliday
Corporate Secretary: Heather Garcia
Division Manager, Collections: Rod Fishburn
Division Manager, Operations: Ryan Gallaher
Division Manager, Maintenance: Jason Shoemaker
Assistant Division Manager, Operations: Gary Starre
Assistant Division Manager, Maintenance: Christopher Baldwin
Division Manager, Plant & Facilities: Hank Winn
Division Manager, Visitor Experience: Sarah Harty


Southern California Railway Museum is a non-profit 501(c3) founded and governed by a member-elected board of directors. Elections are held each year in January.

Board of Directors

Elected Directors (Term expires year shown)

Chuck Painter, Member #2808 (2025)

Member since 1989. He is the project manager of the AT&SF 60; he also worked on the 108 project. Chuck is an active participant in the Special Events Committee and participates in Museum Special Events. He is the scriptwriter and storyteller on the Thomas Train and was the backup entertainment on the Santa Train. He rewrote the new Operator’s Guides for the Pacific Electric and L.A Railway Collections. He serves on the Endowment Committee. He designed and installed new exhibit signage in Carhouse 4 and Cottonwood Station. Chuck is a frequent contributor to the Gazette. Chuck is the president of his own stock brokerage and investment advisory firm.

Southern California Railway Museum
Phil Palmieri, Member #831 (2025)

Member since 1969. Mr. Palmieri has served as General Manager of the Museum and had several terms on the Board of Directors. Phil has been an active working member of the Museum since his membership began and is currently lead of Perris extension construction. He constantly supports our onsite track construction. Phil is a freight conductor for the Union Pacific Railroad.

Southern California Railway Museum
Jason Shoemaker, Member #3640L (2025)

Member since 1994. He has held numerous Museum positions: Trainmaster, Electric Car Running Maintenance Foreman, Superintendent of Operations Training, Assistant Superintendent of Railway Operations, Division Manager of Maintenance, and Locomotive Engineer Trainer. Jason has been an active member for 24 years, volunteering in collections, restorations, and maintenance. He worked on Track Project 7 to 11,part of the Perris Connection project, and helped lay the Carhouse 7 lead. He has worked on the PE418 and PE498 restoration projects. He became a Project Manager, returning PE332 to service, and is leading the resurrection of PE 1624, PE314, and LATL 1450. Jason is a locomotive engineer for BNSF Railway.

Southern California Railway Museum
Zeke Hastings, Member #3022L (2024)

Member since 1991. He has held three terms as a Director. He has been Vice President of Plant, Special Projects Manager, and a member of the Endowment Committee. Zeke is a retired aircraft mechanic who devotes much of his life to the Museum, spending most of his time with plant and track improvements.

Gary Starre, Member #675 (2024)

Gary Starre has been an active member since August 1969. Trolley Operator, Lead Electric Car Instructor, Assistant Division Manager of Operations, instrumental in several car and equipment restorations and acquisitions, and in museum legal matters. Mr. Starre is an Estate Planner and Real Estate Attorney in private practice in Los Angeles.

Southern California Railway Museum
Bill Lamb, Member #1479F (2024)

Member since 1977. Bill has been an active member of the steam crew for 40 years. He is a qualified fireman and engineer on the VC-2 and is a qualified engineer on all our operating diesel locomotives. Bill served as the Museum’s CFO from October 2011 to December 2012 and is a former member of the Finance Committee. Bill serves on the Audit Committee and has taken on the task of sending out personal thank-you notes to those who donate to the Perris Connection project. He represents the Museum at the Perris City Council each month. He works to maintain trees and control weeds in front of Carhouse 4. Bill is retired from the City of Los Angeles Controller’s Office where he was assistant general manager.

Southern California Railway Museum
John Mobley, Member #9582 (2023)

Member since 2016. John was the BNSF Pilot for our VC-2 for the Perris Valley Line dedication ceremony at the Perris Depot in 2016. He is a volunteer for Emma Nevada project and a student fireman on the Steam Crew. Outside of the Museum, John was the President of BLET Div. 398 San Bernardino, CA and helped extend the partnership with the Museum. John is a 19-year BNSF Engineer/Conductor, and is working with them in the acquisition and movement of rail equipment to the Museum.

Southern California Railway Museum
Rod Fishburn, Member #365-L (2023)

Member since 1965. He is the curator of the Museum’s rail vehicle collection and manager of electric vehicle maintenance. His goals as a member of the Museum’s Board include: increasing SCRM’s presence as a valued member of the Perris community, supporting the expansion of our Museum and educational mission for the education and enjoyment of our visitors, increasing our volunteer recruitment efforts, and expanding our volunteer base. Rod is a retired electrical engineer who worked for the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power.

Southern California Railway Museum
Ryan Gallaher, Member #9014 (2023)

Member since 2013. Over the past several years, Ryan has been heavily involved in the railway operating department assisting in weekend operations and at all major fundraising events. In May of 2018, he was appointed as Division Manager of Operations and have made many improvements to the department. These improvements include updating training programs and procedures, increasing and
improving critical documentation, and increased coordination between all museum departments. In addition to Ryan’s duties as Division Manager, he assists in track inspection and maintenance as well as running maintenance for our passenger cars and Light Rail Vehicles. Lastly, Ryan has helped with the engineering updates and coordination efforts for the Perris Connection Project.

Community Director(s)

Barry Busch